An Invitation to join Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Women’s League (CWL)
Membership Drive 2022

Our Lady of Mercy CWL council was Chartered in 1948 and we know that things have changed a lot for women since then. As well as serving Our Lady of Mercy parish throughout the past 73 years building community and spiritual life of our members and parish, we have fundraised and promoted healthy family life by supporting Right to Life groups, Development & Peace special projects, Covenant House youth outreach, Catholic Missions in Canada, Coady Institute, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, Catholic Near East Welfare Association, National Bursary Fund, Domestic Abuse Services, as well as OLM parish, grocery gift cards for families in need, Missionaries of Charity, and Hope for Women – Baby Bottle Campaign just to name a few.

Our strength is in our numbers! We are constantly looking for new members to join our League because we believe in the power of working together toward common goals – and many hands make for light work, and the CWL has been right there all along, fighting for the rights of women and families at all levels of government, passing resolutions, working hard to understand and then act on complex political and social issues that affect all Canadians.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, there are tons of opportunities for growth and improvement in how meetings are run and what they offer, and we also recognize the need to continue to be socially engaged with one another which we are striving to do at our monthly ZOOM meetings.

Due to COVIC restrictions, we are not able to have an in-person membership drive this year. However, we still need you and your fresh ideas to keep things interesting and interactive! The heart of the League truly is its members. Come share your skills and talents with us – you may find yourself surprised at how richly rewarded you will be in return.

For questions or membership information/application, please contact Janet Kilby at 604-522-0513 or or Elaine Tan at 604-525-7048 .