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Couples for Christ

Couples for Christ is a parish-based, international Catholic lay movement whose goal is to renew and strengthen family life. They bring people into their movement with the Christian Life Program (CLP)

CFCFFL (Foundation Families for Christ)

Is an evangelistic and missionary community. Membership is open to any validly married Catholic couples and to other individuals through its Family and Special Ministries. We are an integral part of the Catholic Church and we submit to our bishops and to the Pope and make ourselves available to serve our parishes and dioceses, especially in the areas of family and life.

Catholic Women’s League (CWL)

CWL is all about family and caring for others! CWL does fundraising to support local, national or international charities and fight for social issues that affect all Canadians. Come share your skills and talents with us.

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is an Association of Catholics who, with the sanction of the Church and under the powerful leadership of Mary Immaculate, Mediatrix of all Graces, have formed themselves into a Legion for service in the warfare which is perpetually waged by the Church against the world and its evil powers through the holiness its members developed by prayer and active cooperation.

Knights of Columbus

Our men’s group in the parish is the Knights of Columbus. The Knights were formed to render financial aid to members and their families. Mutual aid and assistance are offered to sick, disabled and needy members. The Knights have grown from several members in one council to more than 13,000 councils and 1.7 million members globally.

Handmaids of the Lord

Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD) target mature women, regardless of status, or situation, from ages forty-one (41) and above. The ministry has a three-fold mission: personal transformation, evangelization to bring her family and others especially women to a renewed life in the Lord, and wholehearted service to bring glad tidings to the poor. It provides a strong teaching track, special teachings for women in different stages of life, and a leadership program to equip leaders to be more effective and better servants. 


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process through which interested adults and older children are gradually introduced to the Roman Catholic faith and way of life. It isn’t a religious education class, but an opportunity to learn about the Christian way of life.

Every Thursday, from 7:00 – 9:00 pm, starting on September 16, 2021. For more information or to register, call Valder 604-861-9774, or email:


Opus Dei is a Catholic institution founded by Saint Josemaría Escrivá in 1928. Its mission is to help people turn their work and daily activities into occasions for growing closer to God, for serving others, and for improving society. Opus Dei’s work of spiritual formation complements the work of local churches. People who join Opus Dei or attend its activities continue to belong to their local dioceses.

Mustard Seed prayer group

Has been in existence for 15 years, and is active in the ministry of fostering deeper faith, spiritual growth, exercising of the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit, prayer, praise and worship and fellowship among brothers and sisters. It is open to all who are interested in strengthening their Christian walk with the Lord, Jesus Christ. Come experience the richness of our Faith, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, praise and worship, scripture reading, prayer and hear of God’s presence in the daily lives of his people through the sharing of testimonies.

The OLM Young Adult Ministry is a promising group of emerging leaders. We integrate faith with learning in the development of spiritual, emotional and intellectual intelligence to build good character and inter-personal skills in helping every young adult realize their full potential. Our vision is to build a community of compassionate emerging leaders making a difference and creating positive social change in society.

Our Lady of Mercy Young Adult Ministry